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Fingers in the Pie

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I walked down the dingy sidewalks...

...with glasses on my face, a guitar on my back, and the words of all my mentors running through my head like marathoners; one overtaking another, then falling behind, then gaining, gaining, with snatches of philosophy whispered and drizzling like rain on my mind.

To give thanks to each one of you would take a phone book full of names, and the echo of the dryly listed syllables of proper nouns would contain within itself not even a shadow of the inspiration you so generously gifted unto me.

So instead I tell you that you are infused within these songs as surely as the memory of you lives in my thoughts. My hero, my love, my faithful friend; my support, my faith, my ambition - so many of you dwell in each of these. You stand hidden behind every note that I play; your fingers curl around each word that I sing. Your belief cradles me to sleep, and your harsh words spur me on.

I stand now, guitar in hand, and my glasses have flown away. I can see past the horizon. Press Play and listen, as I think of you.

© 2010 Steve Craig